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Convert pptx to ppt November 21, 2007

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Final Map Projects November 19, 2007

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Good job, class!  We’ll complete our digital stories tomorrow–book trailers on The House on Mango Street.  After Thanksgiving, we’ll move on to The Odyssey


Veteran’s Day Celebration November 17, 2007

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Students enjoyed a Veteran’s Day celebration on Friday 9 in the Walnut Building Tiered Lecture Hall.  Following a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” by Shae S., students had the opportunity to participate in a sort of roundtable discussion with several local veterans who kindly attended our event.  A PowerPoint presentation depicting veterans in our students and staff’s lives followed by “Taps” (performed by me on trumpet) provided a nice ending to this respectful event, which was followed by a reception including cake and punch. 

Our House activities for the week prior to the celebration consisted of learning more about the history of Veteran’s Day.  Students also viewed brief film clips from the Wounded Warrior Project website:

 This week, students wrote letters to the guest speakers from the ceremony, thanking each veteran for his service to his country as well as his participation in our event.


Map Project

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Freshmen have been working on completion of their map projects based on the neighborhood represented in Sandra Cisneros’s novel, The House on Mango Street.  This assignment required students to work in groups, each member performing a particular role (illustrator, annotator, quotation seeker).  Students chose ten houses presented in the novel and depicted them on a map of the neighborhood. 

This project was a culminating experience following completion of reading the novel.  The map project forced students to make inferences based upon details presented in the text in addition to demonstrating their comprehension of the text.  Plus, the map project was just plain fun! 

I found the lesson plan thanks to a link on the SasinSchool website.  Here is the assignment sheet and rubric for the map project:

I’ll post photos of completed maps as the students finish them. 


Student-Led Conferences November 16, 2007

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Student-led conferences were held at WEMCHS on November 8.  Parents and students who were able to attend can attest to the fact that the conferences were an extraordinary success.  Students discussed their notebook organization, planning calendars, assignment logs, reading logs, learning logs, Cornell notes, and journal entries with their parents.  They also showed their parents their essays, projects, and tests.  With parents, each student reflected on his or her successes and targeted areas for improvement.  The student-led conferences were a valuable experience for WEMCHS students to showcase their academic achievements thus far. 

If you were unable to attend the student-led conferences but would still like to participate in this experience with your child, please contact me at WEMCHS to arrange an appointment.  I am generally free from 3:40 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.  If this time frame does not accomodate your schedule, please take comfort in the fact that more student-led conferences will be held throughout the academic year.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to your English class blog!

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Hi Class,

We’re trying something new–blogging!  I’ll use this blog to post information about homework, projects, tests, and lesson plans.  Additionally, we’ll all be using the blog for class discussion and sharing student work. 

Have a great week, and check this blog frequently for updates.  I look forward to receiving your comments!