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Romeo and Juliet Discussion Question January 3, 2008

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Kids these days!  They think that love conquers all, that nothing matters except how they feel about each other.  They have no sense of responsibility to their families, no respect for tradition, no regard for those who are older and wiser.  They don’t know the problems they’re going to have that all the love in the world won’t solve for them.”

What do you think of this complaint?  Have you heard older people say these things about kids today?  How would a kid repond to this speaker?


34 Responses to “Romeo and Juliet Discussion Question”

  1. Brittany Bradley Says:

    I think it is true, but not. In relationships, we do care about each others feelings. But there are some of us who do care about other things besides relationships. Us teenagers are different, we are not all the same. Don’t you see some teenagers volunteering at elderly homes and taking care of their sick grandparents. Yes, I do hear these words for older people often. It is actually sad to me, because we may act like we don’t care, but in our hearts we really do. Sometimes we just don’t know how to express our feelings, but this is just my opinion. Well you should know how they would respond, I’m a kid. But I think most others ones would deffinitely disagree. Not trying to be mean or anything, but truthfully we are very selfish these days. So they want agree with this complaint.

  2. Heather S Says:

    In a way this quote is wrong and right at the same time. Old people stereotype kids and think that we are all blinded by love. But the truth is, some kids do have respect for tradition and know that love isn’ t going to solve all problems.

  3. Alexandra shaw Says:

    yes i have herd parent and other family members say those things you really cant say that because you were once the same way wen you was wyounger so i dont think they should make a big deal about it iin thats my opinion on that question

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    The quote is right to a point. Some teens don’t care about their traditions. They do not respect their parents and people older than them sometimes. What some old people forget is tha there is some teens in the world that care about their parents and he peole around us and love the traditions that their family carries. Not all teens are blinded by love.

  5. J'Kayla Holmes Says:

    …..I have heard elderly people say things like that about younger people. I think they are just talking because everyone falls in love and I know they felt the same way when they were younger. My parents don’t say those kinds of things but others in my family say such things. A kid would respond to this speaker like it’s nothing because they don’t care a that age.


  6. Brent P Says:

    i think that we have a righ ot do what we want. yes i have heard older people say this but i really dont care what they have to say.

  7. Andrew Says:

    I think that kids these days can believe what they want. My parents tell my 12 year old sister this every other week. So yes I have heard it.

  8. Laura H. Says:

    Yes, i do think that kids these days feel that way. Kids fall in love and they do think like that and they also think they will be together forver. But not all kids are the same. For example some kids know there limits and they know the reality of love. They know that in most cases it will not last forever. Older people always say that especially my family memebers. They try to always tell mi the truth and not fall easiliy. The quote is right and i agree with it.

  9. Dylan T Says:

    The quote is right, but wrong at the same time. Teenagers probably haven’t experienced real love, but they are still young compared to everybody else. Kids will probably say that the older people don’t know what they are talking about.

  10. Josh L Says:

    I think the question is some what right and some what wrong. More than likely most kids you’re gonna meet will tell you they have been in love but probably haven’t. They probably don’t know what it truly is. Maybe they need to listen to the more expeinced people. Then see what they say about love.

  11. Eduardo R. Says:

    I think it is true, but not all because sometimes kids do care about a lot of other thing and it necessarily does not have to be about a relatioinship, they can care about their family or people who are older then they are, i also think this complaint is wrong because older people who say this dont think that they probably did some of the things we do and dont realize it and that makes them wrong because they once thought the same thing we do, but now the think diferently, and i think it is ok because we are probaly going to think like them as we get older and be more mature so i dont think the have a lot of rigths to complain about us if they did those same things when they were young and people said the same things about them, so they better remember what they were told and not judge the young people of today because we are tomorrows future.

  12. Heath Radford Says:

    The quote said is very true about teenagers . Older people especially say something close to this quote about kids today. Kids would probably have an angry response if they heard a speaker say this quote. I myself would not get angry if I heard a speaker say this quote.

  13. Bonifacio N. Says:

    I think that part of it is true because kids these days fall in love and forget about the outside world. They only think about their lover and visversa. I have herd adults say things about the kids today . Some of the things that I have heard are that “kids dont know what love is,” and ” kids need to learn about life first before they fall in love. Some kids have responded to some of these comments by ignoring them and others just dont care because they’re too much in love to pay attention.

  14. Caleb Tripp Says:

    That is not true for every teen. Some are raised to respect there traditions and elders. I was taught that family comes in second, right after school. that no matter what I had to respect all of my family members, not just the old but the young to. So you see there are still some teens who care about everything not just in love.

  15. Calvin U. Says:

    I think that the person thats in love should be able to decide wat they think is a tradition, or wat they think their sence of responcibility should be now that they are in love.To them kids that think love conquers all, think that way because they themselves are in love and wants to think that, not know that it might not conquer everything. People know wat is to be expected of them and how to achieve that, love might just be used as an excuse not to achieve wat they sought out to achieve. Some people don’t even know wat ” LOVE ” means or how to express love to others, love can sometimes be a dangerous thing and can get people in trouble if they’re not careful.People who are in love still know they have a duty to thier family and probably won’t loose sight of that, but are sometimes overwhelm by love.

  16. Ashley Hill Says:

    I’ve never heard someone old say that but i think that some kids might think but most already know whats to come in life. We my care about are friends but we also have respect for are family as well.

  17. Tyrice L Says:

    I think that whosoever wrote this statement is wrong .And no I have not heared this before so this is very new to me.They would probably respend back in a defensive way.

  18. Ashley Anderson Says:

    I agree that love doesn’t conquer all, but love can solve some of your problems. I do have responsibilities to my family, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have time for other things too. No, I have never heard an adult say that, but I’m sure some do. Most, don’t, but some do. Most kids would probably take it personally, but they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t let it bother me. I would just let it go and move on.

  19. Zach D Says:

    I believe that to some point, the expression is true, but at the same time, kids will be kids and do whatever they want. I personally don’t take most af the things older people say into consideration before I act.

  20. Jonathan Gray Says:

    I think the quote is correct. Yes i have heard my grandparents say it before. A kid would not be happy to hear this.

  21. Leigh J Says:

    There are some teens that think love conquers all and will solve everything. That’s not entirely true. No matter how much love is in this world there will always be problems and disagreements. As far as no respect for others some situations it’s true. One can get so caught up in a relationship that their significant other is the only one they pay any attention to. They block out all friends and family because they think they have all they need. Only when things go wrong and the relationship goes down hill do they realize they now have nothing. Teenagers need to learn they’re young and most teen romances won’t last forever..on rare occasion yes..but it’s not very likely. My advice to them is to just chill out and enjoy your youth while you can and try not to get so ahead of yourself and grow up so fast.

  22. Emily Matthews Says:

    i have heard a lot of older people say this before. my grandmother says it sometimes. today some teenagers would respond with disrespect, which i think is completly uncalled for. older people lived in different times and a lot of teenagers don’t realize that.

  23. Danielle Says:

    i do think that a lot of kids are all about haveing to have a boy friend or girlfriend. also most kids have no respect for older people. they think that old people know nothing and that they don’t matter. i was brought up diferently. i know how to show respect for my elders and i am truly tiered of listening to kids back talk there parents or grandparents. it just isn’t right. yes, i have herd it many times. kids would say it isn’t true or that they don’t care. i think they need to be slapped across the face and taught a lesson on manners and respect.

  24. Lauren Says:

    I have not heard anybody complain about this, but I’m sure many have thought it. Whenever teens think they are in love they rule out everything else in their life just to spend time with that one person. This can ruin relationships with many people around them, such as friends and family. Love is something powerful but it can’t get you through everything in life, it only helps.

  25. Marah Radford Says:

    I feel that this complaint is very true, but some people in love are smart enough not to let it take over their lives. I have heard many older people say this about kids today, and how sometimes it applies to their own life. The kid or teen would deny the accusation when confronted with it and tell all of the reasons why it is not true. The SMART ones in love, actually agree with this statement and they take the advice of the older adults. It helps them in the long run.

  26. Michaela Denton Says:

    I think that love does not conquire all, but that some fell that it does solve some prblems. Teens do have some respect for adults, thogh they do not have alot these days, And we do have a sence of responsability, Though some choose to show it more than others. Most kids would feel an insult towards it, but I would just ignore it and move on.

  27. Marrisa Higginbotham Says:

    This sounds like someing my grandma would say. I completely disagree with this. I think that love does conquer all. If two people are truely in love, nothing else matters. If it is meant to be, they can somehow work everything out.

  28. Nicole G Says:

    I agree with what lauren says. I think that being in love has its advantages, but when people take it too far then it can ruin a relationship. I also agree with Danielle when she says that we should respect our elders. They have been our age before, and they know what it is like, so we should show them a little respect. I think that kids think that love does conquor all, but I am one of those who disagrees.

  29. Sarah Says:

    I believe this statement is true in some cases it depends on the teen themselves. I have heard older people say this in my familythat are much older and wiser. I think most kids would say that they disagree but not really care what they say.

  30. Jessica G. Y. Says:

    This complaint is so plainly stated that it could relate to anyone, not just kids of my age. To juge us as a whole is inaccurate and unfair. I can agree to much of the statement through experience, but I do not want to be placed in that category! I’ve seen so often the kids who are oblivious to the world, immature, disrespectful, and who completely lack any kind of appreciation for traditions and elders. I know for a fact that it is out there, and that kids do (maybe subconsciously) believe that as long as they are fully equipped with their “other half,” they are immune to whatever comes their way. I can both agree and disagree with this statement.

  31. Irene T. Says:

    I both disagree and agree with this statement. I mean yeah there are kids, which probably include a part of me, who believe that as long as they are truly in love, they can conquer all, which in some cases are true, and some that just doesn’t work out. But to judge us just because of what other kids our age do is unfair.

  32. Mike G. Says:

    i have to give that person some credit. There are a few people that build their lives around their lover and dont pay any attention to the real world. However, not all kids do that and they should realize that.

  33. Nikea R Says:

    I think this is true to a certian extent. Teens are young and most have not experienced much, but whenever we get to he point where we start liking people most of he time older people are going to just automatically assume that it is not real. I feel that it is not right for older people to sometime judge teens and give some of us the title of disrespectful and/or nontraditional. I also believe that this statement also depends on what kind of person the teen is.

  34. Welsley Says:

    I disagree. Kids may say that love conquers all and dont think of what happens next or what there parents think. But, they always do,because they are just as scared as there parents are as to what will happen next because they have been going through an adreline of love to where they are living in the moment and quickly realize whats going on and start to really think.

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