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First Week Back! January 4, 2008

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Our first week back at school after holidays was a short one–only two days!  We got quite a bit accomplished, however.

I have quite a few new students this semester.  Welcome!  I feel as if I know most of you pretty well.  I hope you find the class enjoyable and exciting.  To those of you returning from last semester, allow me to share how thrilled I am to see you again!  I feel truly fortunate to work with you again.  To those of you who no longer have my class, here is a heartfelt cyber hug!  I miss you.  Fortunately, I still have a few of you in House.

In English class, we have been working in small groups for the past few days to read James Hurst’s short story, “The Scarlet Ibis.”  Our focus in this story is on symbolism, but we have also had the opportunity to review point-of-view, atmosphere, setting, diction, theme, and imagery (among several other literary elements).

I have been amazed to see some of your reactions to the story.  Some of you expressed how deeply affected you were by the ending of the story… you shared your impressions with me, and I was truly touched by your sensitivity and appreciation for literature (you especially–J.L, B.P., and M.R.).

We will wrap up our study of “The Scarlet Ibis” next week.  We will then turn to a review of Shakespeare and a reading of his play, Romeo and Juliet.  

Reminders: I will be taking up reading logs as well as notebooks on Thursday.  Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you on Monday! 


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