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Technology Club January 11, 2008

Filed under: Clubs — hargraves @ 3:39 pm

Here are some links I’d like you to try out today: 

To make your own blogs, go to or

Try out,,,,,,, and, too. 

Here us the TSA website:

Here is a free video game maker:

Feel free to comment on this blog about any of these tech resources.  I’m interested to know what you think!


2 Responses to “Technology Club”

  1. Heath R Says:

    It is Really interesting!

  2. Marah Radford Says:

    TSA- We could go to regional competion on March 1, 2008 and just pay $10.00 for registration to go(only money for food). My old advisor, John Vause said we could maybe ride with them to competition. We just need a copy or a high school event guide. We could also do a fundrasier to raise money.

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