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Thursday and Friday, January 10-11 January 11, 2008

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Here’s what we did today (Friday):

  • Completed a journal entry
  • Checked Cornell notes
  • Tallied and analyzed results from the survey about love (# 1 only)
  • Reviewed and discussed classmates’ responses to the blog questions
  • Viewed and discussed a short photo essay about the plague
  • Took a look at the Romeo and Juliet interactive folio
  • Viewed a short clip of Shakespeare in Love
  • Listened to a recording of The Prologue
  • Worked in small groups to create a Reader’s Theater rendition of The Prologue

Here’s what we did yesterday (Thursday):

  • Completed responses to R&J discussion question on the blog
  • Completed Cornell notes on the elements of drama, the Globe Theater, and Shakespeare’s life
  • Checked notebooks
  • Checked reading logs

Next week, we’ll read Act I of Romeo and Juliet.  I hope you are as excited about this as I am!  Have a wonderful weekend! 


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