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Thursday, February 28 February 28, 2008

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I did a notebook check and collected reading logs today.  Students then drafted their essays.  There was also a grammar workbook assignment: pp. 53-57. 


Wednesday, February 27

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We finished going over the following parts of the sentence today:

  • predicate nominatives
  • predicate adjectives
  • direct objects
  • indirect objects

We then began a pre-writing activity using the”House” graphic organizer.  We spent the remainder of the class time generating thesis sentences, topic sentences, and supporting ideas to fill in the sections of the House organizer.  Tomorrow, we’ll draft the essay.


Monday and Tuesday, February 25-26 February 26, 2008

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Students worked on identifying sentence fragments.  They also began prewriting for an individual essay on the following topic:

Are people more likely to be productive and successful when they ignore the opinions of others?


Friday, February 22 February 22, 2008

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After completing the daily journal entry, students worked with their groups to finish the R&J essays.   


R&J Quiz by Leigh, Danielle, Jonathan, and Ashley H.

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This quiz was created with attention to Bloom’s taxonomy.


Thursday, February 21 February 21, 2008

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Eduardo selected our current events for the journal activity today.  He also wrote the journal question.

Today Mrs. Wilson, our New Schools Project instructional coach, came to third period to lead the silent discussion on “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank Stockton.  After reading the story, students participated in a five rounds in which they alternatively composed “fat” questions or responded to their peers’ “fat” questions (refer to Cornell notes on Bloom’s taxonomy).  At the end of the silent discussion activity, the class had generated numerous excellent seminar questions based on the story.  I think everyone had fun today!

We ended class with about ten or fifteen minutes to work in the Romeo and Juliet essays, but I don’t believe many groups got much done because the silent discussion activity was quite mentally taxing for some of you. 


Grammar Practice from Owl

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Practice these grammar exercises with your partner.