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Friday, February 1 February 1, 2008

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What a fun day!  Everyone made great progress on their visual essays today.  Our classroom was a great example of “organized chaos” today as students cut, pasted, and colored.  Magazines, newspapers, construction paper, scrapbooking materials, glue sticks, markers, and scissors were scattered everywhere as students created vibrant representations of conflict, love, character, and other ideas from Romeo and Juliet.  Amazingly, the classroom was perfectly neat and clean at the end of the day.

I have so enjoyed reading your sonnets, and I have posted some of them on the walls in the room.  The very best sonnets have nearly flawless iambic pentameter (some with rhyming couplets, some with blank verse) and insightful explorations of love and/or friendship.  For extra credit, some of you have typed your sonnets, including attractive, colorful borders.  I am still accepting sonnets until Monday.

A couple of you finished your visual essays early.  Many thanks to Heath and Ashley H., who began devising a Family Feud game for a class (Capulets vs. Montagues); thanks also to Nicole, Marah, and Danielle who began piecing together a board game based on R&J (a very tedious task).  Lots of you worked on putting together models of the Globe theater.

Some of you have been out with the flu; I hope you all feel better!  Some of have been a fun ski trip; I hope you all had a blast!  To all freshmen: enjoy the Superbowl, and have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday.   


2 Responses to “Friday, February 1”

  1. Marah Radford Says:

    The collages were so much fun and I learned more about conflict. The sonnets we had to write were really, really fun and I enjoyed writing them. I cannot wait until we start another act this week.

  2. hargraves Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the assignments, Marah. Thanks for the comment. : )

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