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Wednesday, February 6 February 6, 2008

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After completing our daily journal entry, we worked on literacy circles.  Students selected a magazine article of their choice and formed groups based on their selections.  The articles came from the magazine Teaching Tolerance.  One article focused on the lives of students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  Another article focused on students facing discrimination issues because of obesity.  A third article looked at the importance of learning about other religions.  Finally, the fourth article looked at “sundown” towns, towns that have historically prohibited minority residence. 

Within their groups, students assumed roles as connectors, discussion directors, illustrators, summarizers, or vocabulary enrichers.   After reading the chosen article, each student recorded one important sentence, phrase, and word.  Each student also recorded one idea from the article that he or she agreed or disagreed with.  Students discussed their reactions and then created a one-pager representing the article.

Literacy circles are part of a series of best practices prescribed by the North Carolina New Schools Project.  Our literacy circle was conducted today with the assistance of a consultant from the New Schools Project.

Tomorrow we will have an AVID day with tutors again.  Look forward to a notebook and reading log check.  We will turn to R&J again on Friday.   


2 Responses to “Wednesday, February 6”

  1. Marah Radford Says:

    My group read the article about the different types of religion and how many people react to the word “religion.” The phrase that really stood out to me was “We’re going to teach about religion, we’re not going to teach religion.” I think that it is really cool to learn about other religions and their cultures. Anyways, a person should be strong enough to not let a study on different religions change their religion or beliefs. This article was really good and I cannot wait until we have another literary cicle.

  2. hargraves Says:

    This is an excellent, thoughtful comment, Marah. I’m happy you enjoyed the article and the literacy circle. See you tomorrow.

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