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Thursday, February 7 February 7, 2008

Filed under: Agenda — hargraves @ 2:08 pm

We covered the following today:

  • Journal
  • Reading Log check
  • Notebook check
  • Act III, Scenes 3-4 reading (small groups)
  • Math tutoring (peer and/or cross-age)
  • SURF (Silent, Uninterrupted Reading for Fun)

We will finish reading Act III tomorrow. 


2 Responses to “Thursday, February 7”

  1. Marah Radford Says:

    Today in class we read scenes three and four. In scene three, Romeo goes and talks to the Friar about his situtation and the nurse arrives looking for him. They then talk about how Tybalt’s death has effected them and especially how it has effected Juliet. Then nurse then leaves Romeo with a ring and he says he will see Juilet soon. In scene four, Juilet’s parents arrange a marriage between Paris and Juilet. I can’t wait until Friday for that is when we find out what happens. I have learned a lot while doing this play.

  2. hargraves Says:

    We will finish Act III tomorrow, Marah. Then we’ll move pretty quickly through the rest of the play. Shakespeare is good stuff!

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