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Monday, January 7 January 7, 2008

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We finished our “Scarlet Ibis” packets today, focusing on setting, plot, tone, atmosphere, symbol, denotation, connotation, simile, metaphor, and dynamic character (that’s a lot of literary analysis!).  We are going to put “The Scarlet Ibis” to bed now…

We ended class today with a short trip to the library so that students could have time to check out library books.  I plan to make a short trip at least once a week so that everyone will have plenty of opportunities to find great new books.

It looks like we have a surprise reading placement test tomorrow courtesy of the college… so we won’t have a reuglar English class tomorrow.  We’ll begin Shakespeare on Wednesday.


The Scarlet Ibis Discussion Question January 3, 2008

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List some situations that might make someone feel proud.  Is pride positive or negative–or can it be both? 

 Share your thoughts on what it means to be proud.