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Wednesday, March 5 March 5, 2008

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Today, students took a nine-weeks test.  This assessment score will serve as 20% of the third marking period average.  Students will have time to work on their speeches tomorrow.   


Tuesday, March 4

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Today we accomplished the following tasks:

  • Finished phrases presentations
  • Began working on a phrases collage with a partner
  • Participated in essay conferences with me
  • Started working on a speech for a contest (this speech is due Monday)

Monday, March 3 March 3, 2008

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Today I began essay conferences; I only got to work with a few students, however.  The rest of the class finished preparing for the phrases presentations. 

We had presentations on nearly all of the phrases, and we will finish the rest of the phrases tomorrow.  Here are the phrases you will be responsible for knowing:

  • prepositional (adverb and adjective)
  • gerund
  • infinitive
  • appositive
  • participial

I will give a nine-weeks test on Wednesday.


Friday, February 29

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Today students continued reviewing complements, subjects, and verbs.  They also began looking at phrases.  Finally, they completed and submitted their drafts of the essay.


Thursday, February 28 February 28, 2008

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I did a notebook check and collected reading logs today.  Students then drafted their essays.  There was also a grammar workbook assignment: pp. 53-57. 


Wednesday, February 27

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We finished going over the following parts of the sentence today:

  • predicate nominatives
  • predicate adjectives
  • direct objects
  • indirect objects

We then began a pre-writing activity using the”House” graphic organizer.  We spent the remainder of the class time generating thesis sentences, topic sentences, and supporting ideas to fill in the sections of the House organizer.  Tomorrow, we’ll draft the essay.


Monday and Tuesday, February 25-26 February 26, 2008

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Students worked on identifying sentence fragments.  They also began prewriting for an individual essay on the following topic:

Are people more likely to be productive and successful when they ignore the opinions of others?