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Veteran’s Day Celebration November 17, 2007

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Students enjoyed a Veteran’s Day celebration on Friday 9 in the Walnut Building Tiered Lecture Hall.  Following a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” by Shae S., students had the opportunity to participate in a sort of roundtable discussion with several local veterans who kindly attended our event.  A PowerPoint presentation depicting veterans in our students and staff’s lives followed by “Taps” (performed by me on trumpet) provided a nice ending to this respectful event, which was followed by a reception including cake and punch. 

Our House activities for the week prior to the celebration consisted of learning more about the history of Veteran’s Day.  Students also viewed brief film clips from the Wounded Warrior Project website:

 This week, students wrote letters to the guest speakers from the ceremony, thanking each veteran for his service to his country as well as his participation in our event.